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Are you looking to get your garage organized this summer? We’ve come up with the top 6 best ways to get your garage ready for lawn mowing, kayaking, BBQs, or maybe you finally just want to be able to fit your vehicle in there for the first time! Whatever your garage goals are, we want to help.

1. Inventory

Get rid of any items that are not being used. Old paint buckets, miscellaneous trash, broken items, etc. Recycle or donate the items you can. When completing this task pay attention to what is being done. This will specifically help you see organization ideas for your garage.

2. Give Everything a designated spot

You can easily avoid clutter by labeling areas or using storage bins with all of your remaining items. Break the garage down into 4 zones that fit best for you. Example: Lawn, outdoor fun, tools, miscellaneous.



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3. Hang up what you can

Bikes, tools, skateboards, strollers take up a lot of space. Get any items hung up that you can to maximize space for your stations. There are a wide variety of wall hanging systems available to assist in keeping items off the floor and organized. Some good options would be

  • Pegboards
  • Track-based systems
  • Panelized Systems
  • Ceiling Rack
  • Wall Shelving units

It’s important to research each type of system to find out which would work best for your space and items.

4. Create a departure station

If you use the garage as your departure point, explore hangers, totes for keys, book bags, umbrellas, and other storage containers where you can store your daily departure needs. This will greatly reduce exit time as most items will already be organized and ready for your departure.

5. Store out of season items elsewhere

Make use of the attic/basement for storing holiday items. Make sure all items left in the garage are what you will use in this season. Store out of season/winter items in labeled bins so when you prepare the garage for another season they can easily be swapped.

6. Avoid storing these items in the garage

For safety reasons, it is best to avoid storing these items in your garage:

  • Paper items: These will attract insects like roaches, moths, silverfish, and other bugs. It is best to keep them in a dry place indoors.
  • Pet Food: There are a few reasons to avoid placing pet food in the garage. Possums and other animals are attracted to the smell along with roaches and other bugs. Also, depending on where you live, temperature could fluctuate between hot and cold temperatures making the bag fill with condensation and allowing bacteria to grow.
  • Paint Storage: Changes in temperature between severe cold or high heat can ruin the pain. It is best to store paints in a more temperate area.
  • Propane Storage: Propane tanks should always be stored outdoors! A single spark is all it takes to ignite the fumes.
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